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About John Ellison

John Ellison is a professionally registered Engineer with over 40 years of industrial experience.

A UK Government Engineering Council registered Engineer, Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and Member of the British Standards Institution he has had an interest in all things electrical, electronic or mechanical from a very early age. He etched his first printed circuit board with Ferric Chloride at the age of 7 in the 1960s and spent many happy years learning from both his Father (a meticulous man with incredible forensic engineering abilities) and his Uncle (a highly accomplished surveyor and draftsman). This ‘early apprenticeship' made his career choices. At 16 he served a 3 year Electrician apprenticeship at a company with MoD contracts in Ordnance packaging and learnt many other disciplines at the same time. He enhanced his knowledge and trained through the excellent work based Polytechnic system in Electronics with an International company designing and manufacturing materials testing equipment. Various Engineering roles in Research and Development and Technical Sales followed along with overseas work in Europe and the Middle East installing and commissioning large International projects. Nuclear industry trained at Kingston University London with the National Radiological Protection Board and with Manchester University Radiation Unit. Further, British Institute of Management trained at Ashridge business school, he later emigrated to the USA on an H-1B special merit visa and worked in the Mid-West and West Coast areas as a Technical specialist. On return to the UK he specialised in Approvals and was responsible for the compliance testing of hundreds of products. Later he became Self-Employed and worked in a wide range of industries as Contractor and Consultant. Exposure to an ever increasing range and complexity of project work followed in diverse fields such as Military, Petro-chemical, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Construction, Public Transport, Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear and especially Professional Sound & Broadcast infrastructure at the Royal Opera House. The re-development of the Royal Opera House was instrumental in the company's development and John continues to provide specialist technical assistance to this 'National Treasure'.

He is a prolific Engineer and has most recently designed ground breaking equipment for the Enviro-tech sector which is currently being manufactured and exported worldwide.

He continues to pursue his lifelong passion - Great British Engineering.

John Ellison Electronics (je2): professionally registered fully accredited British Engineering.