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Design Key Benefits

As license holders for Solidworks Professional 3D CAD, we are able to generate 3D models and 2D engineering drawings extremely quickly. We upgrade each year as part of our company development. This investment pays dividends as we can directly export to CNC, Sheetmetal and 3D print. One of our products has a significant number separate pieces of machined steel and sheetmetal parts. It's the size of a fridge/freezer and weighs 95kg. The design was 3D modelled in SolidWorks and when the prototype metalwork arrived it all fitted together without any modifications – not even a tight fit or a squeeze anywhere.

This ability to draft finished parts and in some cases immediately 3D print them enables us to create products at an incredible speed and since we're a small company, there's no design committee to slow us down.

We're traditionally hardware orientated but pleased to have two very talented Cambridge based embedded software engineers to bring our products to life. We also work incredibly close with our CNC and Sheetmetal suppliers. They are all part of our 'family' and could be called such given the years we've worked together.

This combination of a small company investing in design technology coupled with intelligent software engineers and a 'family' group of suppliers makes je2 a hard act to follow and an exciting place to work.

Bullet Point Superfast design
Bullet Point Solidworks 3D modeling
Bullet Point Rapid working prototype