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Manufacturing Key Benefits

Designing and approving a product feels quite empty if you can't build it yourself. Naturally we build everything we design. The risks of copying are prevalent so we reduce those risks by never outsourcing outside of the 'family'. Even sub-assembly work is performed in-house. Our clients appreciate this level of security and attention to detail.

We really enjoy manufacturing and get great pleasure from seeing our products being used. Making quality brands is what Great Britain is good at and our small Factory is busy producing its share for export.

Our ethic is to use the highest quality materials and components, inspected and tested wherever possible. All our suppliers are specially selected for their level of quality and service.

We draft all production inspection and test procedures to ensure the product meets specification and perform production testing, including regulatory electrical safety testing, using fully calibrated professional equipment.

Bullet Point High quality, fast turn round
Bullet Point Finished goods assembly
Bullet Point Full inspection and test
Bullet Point Electrical safety testing